Research funding application

Our research grants typically amount to SEK 750,000 and are awarded for one, two, or three years. Higher amounts and longer grant periods may be considered for projects assessed by our scientific committee as particularly important. The application window closes on August 1st, with notifications provided at the turn of the year.

Please complete the form to submit your application. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Do not hesitate to contact us via email at if you have any inquiries.

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Personal details

Funds manager details (Swedish "medelsförvaltare")

The funds manager is the organization that will manage your approved grant and be responsible for it according to our current terms and conditions. Typically, the funds manager is the university or college where you, as the project leader, will be employed during the grant period.
The designated individual with the authority to sign contracts on behalf of the university or college, serving as the primary point of contact for contractual matters related to the research grant.

Application details

Specify the total amount of funding you are applying for to support the research project.
Provide the number of annual payments that best align with your project’s needs and timeline.
Collaborating researchers are typically other researchers with a doctoral degree (or equivalent qualification, excluding doctoral candidates) whose scientific expertise will be crucial in the implementation of the planned research.
Max filstorlek: 256 MB.
In simple terms for a general audience, preferably in Swedish, with titles for each section, articulate the i) Objective of the project, ii) Anticipated Outcomes, and iii) Significance of the research area. Ensure the summary does not exceed one page. Note that it may be published on our website upon approval of your application.
Max filstorlek: 256 MB.
Max filstorlek: 256 MB.
Max filstorlek: 256 MB.
The budget should comprehensively cover the costs for the entire research project. It should list all secured and unsecured sources of funding including their respective amounts. Estimate a minimum threshold necessary for the project to be feasible.
Some users have reported issues submitting the form. As such, please send en email to to confirm that we have received your application. We are working on fixing this issue.